Windy Hill Village – Serenity Garden

When Windy Hill Village first approached our company, they we full of ideas, questions, but most importantly, ambition to get this project underway. That was back in early 2009. After a comprehensive analysis of the site and its challenges, a master plan was produced to reflect the needs and desires of the facility. The goal was to create a garden which would serve as an area for relaxation, activities, and prayer in a private, yet secure environment. After several revisions to the plan and an active fundraising drive, the project was scheduled for spring of 2010.

From start to completion, the project took just less than one month to complete. The garden includes meandering walkways, ample seating areas, lush plantings throughout, and a pondless waterfall to create a tranquil atmosphere. The job included many challenges including very limited access to the site, poor existing soil conditions, and a couple weeks of very wet weather!

Some job statistics are as follows:

Pounds of Soil Removed from Site: 310,000

Lineal Feet of Pipe Installed: 215′

Plant Material Installed: 138 Plants

Yards of Concrete Installed for Pathways: 19.75

Pounds of Stone in Pondless Waterfall: 7,000

Cubic Yards of Mulch Installed: 16


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