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So you need a wall. The question is what type of retaining wall is right for you.  Retaining walls can be created with a variety of products. Often the determination as to which wall to use depends on the function of the wall. We have the capability to build retaining walls throughout Centre, Clearfield, Indiana, & Jefferson Counties. This includes areas like Clearfield, Dubois, Brookville, Punxsutawney, Indiana, Philipsburg, and State College.

Want to See a  Segmental Retaining Wall construction timelapse? Check this out!

Segmental retaining walls are made of pre-formed concrete blocks. They have a split (decorative) face and are typically designed to interlock with to lower courses through the use of pins or keyways. There are a few main reasons to use segmental retaining walls:

•    To create a more formal look, possibly complimenting a paver patio.
•    To create a sitting wall around a patio
•    If you need structural integrity, possibly to hold back a hillside or create a level area for a patio.

A properly built segmental retaining wall should never fail. We are NCMA certified wall builders and understand that there are many elements involved in construction of a durable and functional wall. These include a properly installed base layer, proper drainage to remove water from behind the wall, the use of soil stabilization fabrics, and proper compaction of the soil behind the wall.

Natural stone walls can be made of either carefully stacked stone or large boulders. Typical stone selections include sandstone, limestone, and bluestone. This can include stone selections such as PA field stone, sandstone, Delaware boulders, limestone boulders, and bluestone. The main reasons to use natural stone and boulder retaining walls include:

•    The desire for a more naturalistic wall.
•    To handle the load of larger slopes. (boulder walls only)
•    To compliment other natural stone products.
•    They compliment water features very well.

Proper construction of natural stone walls is just a crucial. A properly built stone wall should persist for many years. There elements involved in construction of stone walls are basically the same as with segmental walls.

The most expensive retaining wall or natural stone wall is the one you have to pay for twice! At Gilliland Landscape, we will build it right the first time, and then stand behind it.  We don’t take shortcuts in the construction process; knowing it will ultimately shortcut our own company’s future. Just like you, we are in this for the long haul!

Here is a short video explaining the process of installing a versa-lok wall that is built to last, with geo-grid reinforcement.

If you’re ready to meet with us concerning getting your own segmental retaining wall or natural stone wall, simply fill out our online quote request form and we will contact you promptly to set up a consultation. You can also call (814) 592-4613 today to set up an appointment.

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