Lake Walls

STOP EROSION! Natural boulders installed along a shore line helps reduce erosion and can create a nice transition from land to water.

Fire Features

Gathering near to feel the warmth; making s’mores; or just relaxing in the flickering glow, a firepit can create a wonderful FOCAL POINT.

Water Features

UNWIND, RELAX, and ENJOY the sound of water in your space.  The additional of a water feature provides a calm and soothing element to any size yard.

Outdoor Living Structures

TAKE COVER!   A well placed roof structure can protect an outdoor living space from the elements but still allow one to be connected to nature.

Retaining Wall / Seat Wall

ELEVATE your sloped property! Installing a retaining wall will increase your usable space above or below a wall.

Paver Patios

No matter the size of your backyard, a properly constructed PATIO can extend an outdoor entertainment living space.

Entrance / Sidewalk

As the “Welcome Mat” to your home, your entrance can make a BIG statement!

Landscape Lighting

Looking for a WOW factor! Add a Lighting Package to any new or existing landscape can provide added security and extend the time a landscape is usable.

Landscape Planting

Planting is a great way to complete the finishing touches on a new home, or to transform and refresh the appearance of an existing home.

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