Nothing will make a property “pop” quicker than crisp bed edges and a fresh layer of mulch.

Bed Edging consists of using either a power edger or a flat edging shovel to cut a crisp natural edge on landscape beds. This edge is used to help contain mulch and define the area between the landscape bed and lawn.

Mulching is completed after all edges are cut. Double-ground premium natural brown mulch is applied to all landscape beds and tree circles to a depth of 1.5” to 2”. This mulch layer not only refreshes the look of your landscape beds, it also regulates the soil temperatures and holds soil moisture, creating healthier planting beds. Our mulching service includes all materials, delivery, and necessary labor.

Click the pictures below to see some of the properties we mulch.

If you need you beds edged or mulched, simply fill out our online quote request form or call us at   (814) 592-4613 today.

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I love the landscaping! Thanks so much.

Shelly Conrad, Clearfield, PA

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