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Spring & Fall Cleanups

Gilliland Landscape provides one-time cleanup services in both the spring and fall . We offer cleanup services to properties in Clearfield and Jefferson counties. This includes areas like Clearfield, Curwensville, Dubois, Grampian, and Woodland. Our cleanup services include: •    Vacuuming of leaves from lawn areas •    Blowing or vacuuming leaves from landscape beds. •    Cutting […]


Gilliland Landscape’s pruning services are designed with your plants health in mind. Pruning styles can be either formal or natural, depending on the plant type and garden style. In either case, it can take years to develop lush, mature plants. Ironically, these same plants can be ruined in an instant by an untrained and uneducated […]


Nothing will make a property “pop” quicker than crisp bed edges and a fresh layer of mulch. Bed Edging consists of using either a power edger or a flat edging shovel to cut a crisp natural edge on landscape beds. This edge is used to help contain mulch and define the area between the landscape […]

Lawn Mowing

Do you need Weekly Lawn Care? Do you need a company to mow your home lawn, or the lawn of an entire large commercial or industrial facility? We maintain both commercial and residential properties throughout Clearfield, Centre, and Jefferson County. We do lawn mowing in areas like Clearfield, Curwensville, Dubois, Philipsburg, & State College PA. We […]

Lawn Care & Fertilization

Gilliland Landscape offers lawn care services throughout Centre, Clearfield, Indiana, & Jefferson County. This includes areas like Curwensville, Clearfield, Dubois, Philipsburg, State College, & Altoona. Let our Penn State Turfgrass team tackle your toughest lawn problems! Detailed below are some of the various services we offer to keep your lawn and landscape looking great, and […]

Stamped Concrete

A comparison between stamped concrete with other available hardscape options. Keep Reading…Stamped Concrete is not your best option! Stamped Concrete vs. Traditional Concrete Stamped concrete has some distinct advantages when compared to traditional concrete. The main advantage with stamped concrete is the wide availability of colors and patterns. To be sure, stamped concrete usually looks a […]

Retaining Walls

So you need a wall. The question is what type of retaining wall is right for you.  Retaining walls can be created with a variety of products. Often the determination as to which wall to use depends on the function of the wall. We have the capability to build retaining walls throughout Centre, Clearfield, Indiana, […]

Permeable Pavers

As developments continue to go grow, so too does the concentration of impermeable pavements. (areas water can’t infiltrate into the ground) These impervious surfaces create additional storm water runoff which leads to erosion and often introduces pollutants into our drinking water. Permeable Pavers (Eco Pavers) are pre-formed concrete tiles made in the same fashion as […]

Paver Patios & Walkways

Pavers are pre-formed concrete tiles made to simulate cobblestone, tile, brick, or even chiseled stone. The use of concrete pavers in both patios and pathways has been gaining in popularity over the years. Historically, the use of clay / brick pavers in landscaping had been more popular. But pavers have evolved and now instead of […]

Outdoor Structures, Decks & Kitchens

An outdoor structure can be an extension to your home’s interior providing endless hours of enjoyment.  Outdoor living rooms should be designed, finished and furnished with the same attention to detail as the rest of your house.  Creating a beautiful well designed outdoor space can be a place of relaxation outside your own door and […]

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